GoldSMS Pricing/Ordering

1. Provisioning. For all new accounts, the one-time $50 fee for "provisioning" covers the cost of allocating a dedicated number for your organization in the area code of your choice, as well as other account setup details.

2. Annual fee. Choose the volume and pricing level that best meets your needs. Most of our clients start out at the Economy or Basic level. (Note closely how inexpensive this is... all the prices are per year for your entire company, not per-user, not per-month!) The messaging allotments are per month!).

Click desired Level to

Level Texts per Month Price Suitability
Economy 200 $199/year Single-users and small businesses sending fewer than 10 texts per day
Basic 1,000 $399/year Small-mid sized businesses sending as many as 50 texts per day
Basic + 2,500 $925/year Mid-sized businesses, i.e. 10 sales reps each sending about 10 texts per day
High Volume 5,000 $1,749/year Larger businesses, i.e. 15 to 30 reps
Silver 10,000 $3,299/year Small enterprise, i.e. over 30 reps
Gold 25,000 $7,499/year Enterprise
Platinum 100,000 $22,499/year Large enterprise

To order a 30-day Trial, please click here.

3. Overages.
If you exceed your montly allotment, additional "overage" per-text charges apply as described here. Buy in at the level that most closely meets your need. The additional cost of moving up a level may be relatively small compared to the cost of overages. If your intended usage involves spikes or spurts, check out our Pre-paid Bulk Message purchase options.

4. Inbound calls. 8 cents per minute. For many of our clients this cost will be trivial: it's simply the result of a recipient being curious, dialing your number, and receiving the standard "bounce" message telling him that "this is a text-only" number. However, there remains the posssibility of posting a custom "bounce" message, and actively encouraging your recipients to call in for more information. This is billed quarterly, or when total exceeds $25.

5. Options:

  • GoldSMS software installation by Plain English, $250 flat fee. We encourage you to talk to your GoldMine Solutions Partner for additional installation options.

  • Custom "voice bounce" message (this message is what your recipients will hear should they happen to dial your text number.)
    • $50/year, you upload an mp3 file to us
    • $50 additional if we record it for you. (Just email us your script.)

  • Additional lines, $100/yr, each. Be sure to also add $50 for one-time provisioning (use the quantity selector during checkout). Good for precise delineation of messaging, i.e. each rep gets his or her own private number. Particularly helpful with multi-location deployments.

  • All prices quoted online are for Texting only within the U. S. and Canada. Text messages sent outside the U. S. and Canada will be billed at $0.42 each. (No additional charge for inbound Texts.) If you need an International plan, call us.


Pricing FAQ

  1. Can I "roll" my credits forward from month to month?
    No. It's important to choose the subscription level that's "right" for you, to avoid overage fees.

  2. Can I buy "buckets" of text credits to accommodate marketing campaign spurts?
    Yes... you can purchase a month's worth of text credit, in advance, from any level higher than your current subscription level, at 50% of the per-text rate. For example, if you subscribe at the Basic level (1000 texts per month) you can purchase a 5,000 text credit, valid for one month, for $325 (5,000 x .13 x 1/2). You can do this up to four times per year. This option is only available to subscribers at or above the Basic plan. The minimum price per text is $0.02 (two cents).
    Click here to order Bulk Message Credits.

  3. What if I exceed my monthly allotment?
    Additional texts are billed as per our overage schedule. The first time this happens you'll be given a one-time opportunity to upgrade to the next level with no penalty.

  4. Is this priced "per user?"
    No! You can have as many users as you'd like using the system.

  5. Is this priced "per month?"
    No! The prices quoted are per year!

  6. So much for the service... how much is the software? How much for updates?
    The software is free. And so are the updates.