GoldSMS Overage Fees


Pre-paid Bulk Message Credits

When you chose your GoldSMS "Level" you committed to a number of messages per month as a cap. When you exceed that cap, overage fees apply, as per the table below. If you know, in advance, that you are likely to exceed your cap, you can pre-pay "Bulk Message Credits" and save.

Level Texts per Month Overage
Economy 200 $0.20/text
Basic 1,000 $0.20/text
Basic + 2,500 $0.15/text
High Volume 5,000 $0.13/text
Silver 10,000 $0.11/text
Gold 25,000 $0.07/text
Platinum 100,000 $0.02/text


  1. Can I buy "buckets" of text credits to accommodate marketing campaign spurts?
    Yes... you can purchase a month's worth of text credit, in advance, from any level higher than your current subscription level, at 50% of the per-text overage rate (see table above). For example, if you subscribe at the Basic level (1000 texts per month) you can purchase a 5,000 text credit, valid for one month, for $325 (5,000 x .13 x 1/2). You can do this up to four times per year. This option is only available to subscribers at or above the Basic plan. The minimum price per text is $0.02 (two cents).
    Click here to order Bulk Message Credits.

  2. What if I exceed my monthly allotment?
    Additional texts are billed as per the table above. The first time this happens you'll be given a one-time opportunity to upgrade to the next level with no penalty.