HEAT® 9.5 turns your help desk into a proactive customer service center that supports the organization and is accountable to the bottom line. Discover the value of these instinctive and responsive components within HEAT® 9.5:

  • iHEAT™ — Gives your technicians and analysts access to the core functionality of your HEAT help desk anytime, anywhere.
  • HEAT® Manager’s Console™ — View operations status of your help desk at a glance.
  • HEAT® Answer Wizard™ — More than 300 pre-defined reports give you answers to key business questions.
  • BPAM (Business Process Automated Module) — Create and automate your own best-practice business rules to better manage help desk operations.

This versatile web interface puts HEAT's problem-solving service and support capabilities online. What does this mean to you? Customers can access your helpdesk from their computers without having to phone the desk. HEAT® Self Service™ provides your IT customers with an easy, intuitive and secure way to open, view, modify and even close their own call tickets. Used in conjunction with iHEAT®, HEAT Self Service gives you a total web help desk solution.

HEAT Self Service is also easy to set up and manage. You can control many of its features right from the web. There's no software to install, maintain and upgrade on the customer's PC. Plus, you can track HEAT Self Service usage to get immediate feedback on how your e-support investment is paying off.

HEAT Asset Tracker gives you the ability to proactively manage and support the very IT assets your customers need help with. Information can be consolidated into one highly accessible information center. HEAT® Asset Tracker can scan your desktops to gather data automatically. Best-practice rules can be applied to optimize asset productivity and longevity. This component of the HEATsos suite alone has the potential to save your organization tens of thousands of dollars each year.

Knowlix™ increases your problem-solving capabilities HEAT integrates with iKnow® knowledge management, a Knowlix product, powered by Peregrine System, Inc. Knowlix products let you perform natural-language searches simultaneously across multiple KnowledgeBases. Your search results are ranked by relevancy. Knowlix products also enable you to build new knowledge content in real-time as part of your workflow. Then, you may distribute KnowledgeBases over Internet, Intranet, CD-ROM or LAN. Knowlix products are offered as an optional, add-on feature of HEAT. With HEAT, you can build your own solution database or use some of the many pre-packaged KnowledgeBases to provide your staff with consistent solution information.